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ASN Depot Nürnberg (Company for Municipal sanitation and waste treatment) - St. Leonhard/Schweinau


Because of site specific and urban environment (new established central thermal waste treatment plant with sophisticated industrial architecture, inner-city site in the "triangle track" of two railway lines - one of them is an ICE- line -, adjacent to a newly designed green zone building of a former domestic waste dump etc.) the client decided to realize a process of professional services contract regulations including the following planning competition. In cooperation with our partners of Nürnberg, engineering office Miller, for the part of planning the infrastructure and the open-space areas, as well as a well-thought-out concept and a sophisticated architecture, we were able to win this competition. An intensive planning and construction monitoring with simultaneous operation of the thermal waste treatment facility on two separate sites but related content properties closed in itself. The partial parking space for special-purpose vehicles and workshop- and maintenance area is dominated by the extraordinary curved shaped roof construction. This architectural element is the continuation and addition of the sophisticated industrial architecture on the site. The administrative- and social buildings in the immediate vicinity of the new parking area also have these curved roofings, but they fit in by its building structure and colouring to the surrounding of small sized businesses and living. The interior of the total energy newest standard designed building is characterized by a clear separation of functions and routing, high quality and durable materials, a sophisticated color and material design, and not least consistent accessibility for handicapped Persons.


The C&E Consulting and Engineering GmbH Chemnitz is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Other certifications and approvals


General planning and supervision of construction

TAN (Thermal Waste Treatment)

10.000 T€