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Museum Gunzenhauser Chemnitz reconstruction and rehabilitation of the listed building of the savings bank (Sparkasse) of The Weimar period

Museum Gunzenhauser Chemnitz

The former savings bank building was built in 1929 as a concrete framed construction and is listed today as a historical building. The gross external area amounts to approximately. 7.500m².
Main task of the complex conversion was the reconstruction of the administration building with a lot of small room structures in into a free, extensive museum scene without partition walls.
The discontinuation of the walls inside could only be compensated through a clever planning of the building stiffening compensating measures and the highest efficiency of the constancy (guarantee of the areal stability).
The realization of the concept was the fitting of a cascade staircase from ground floor to the 3rd floor. Necessary for that was a large-sized separation of many stock ceilings by simultaneous preservation of the building strutting diaphragm force.
Furthermore the engineers of C&E analyzed the condition of the concrete framed construction. Constitutive on a minimization of the reorganization expenditure followed.

To keep the floors and to be able to set-up heavy sculptures, load reserves were developed.
Special measures were developed for the temporary securing of the building during the static demolition works.
The rehabilitation of the soaked subsoil in the range of the depot wing took place after the investigation of variants using high pressure grout injection.


The C&E Consulting and Engineering GmbH Chemnitz is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015.

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Structural Engineering
Service Phase 2 to 6
Service Phase 8 Reinforcement removal

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Costs: 7.900 T€