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Supervision of Works Contracts on Waste Management Infrastructure in the Northern Part of Cyprus, EuropeAid/126761/C/SER/CY

The purpose of this specific service contract is to supervise the implementation of several works and supplies contracts for the installation of state-of the art SWM facilities responding to Turkish Cypriot Community needs and rehabilitation of existing infrastructure in compliance with the requirements of the acquis communautaire.

The northern part of Cyprus has comprehensive investment needs concerning its waste management infrastructure. Waste treatment plants that cope with EU standards did not exist. The existing waste gathering and landfilling systems were obsolete and ailing. The requirement of modernization as well included the compliance with the current EU legislation.
The implementation had to comply with EU quality standards.



The C&E Consulting and Engineering GmbH Chemnitz is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Other certifications and approvals



  • Supervision of works for the following:
    - Construction of a new landfill according to EU standards in Güngör
    - Construction of a waste transfer station in Famagusta
    - Closure of the old dumpsite in Dikmen
    - Construction of a treatment facility for medical waste
    - Supply of equipment for construction and demolition waste as well as biode-gradable waste composting
  • Operation supervision of the landfill in Güngör after completion as well as landfill operator trainings
  • Evaluation of further investment needs, preparation of a feasibility study for future measures as well as an analysis for the corresponding institutional requirements
  • Analysis of the institutional requirements

European Union

1.641 TEUR