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RESIDENTIAL-PARK GEIBELHÖHE (residential community of Geibelhöhe) Albert-Jentzsch-Straße, Chemnitz


With the construction measures WOHN-PARK GEIBELHÖHE something "new" was created in the district of Gablenz by Chemnitz. To correspond to the requirements of the residents of the district, a special project has been developed and realized in cooperation with the client. This project "residential community of Geibelhöhe" should be attractive to all generations especially the generation of 60 and up. The existing apartment block which was created in the sixties does not correspond to these requirements. The surroundings of the Albert-Jentzsch-Straße 1-17 and 19-35 has been completely redesigned. 86 new apartments for one or two persons have been created through these alterations. The floor plans were designed almost barrier free. Elevators to each entry on all floors and spacious south warded balconies increase the quality of the apartments. A service station of the Workers Samaritan Federation was integrated inside the building, which is usable for all residents of the district This offers when required the services for the care and care of the residents, as well as sociable get together in the furnished cafeteria with south terrace and services like hairdresser and pedicure. The residential block of the Albert-Jentzsch-Straße 19-35 has been removed and the new created area was used for the development and design of the new residential community. The residents of the building Albert-Jentzsch-Straße 1-17 can to use the exits of the building which lead directly into the Resential park.


The C&E Consulting and Engineering GmbH Chemnitz is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

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Chemnitzer Allgemeine Wohnungsbaugenossen-
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