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AUDI-Center Chemnitz


Construction of the AUDI Centre Chemnitz under Complete implementation of master planning and architecture of the Audi showroom concept and design of the new studio complex with the latest workshop equipment


  • Construction of a two-storey hangar, module A, including 6 axcles, as a steel frame construction including spatial trussed space frame on articulated columns, simply supported.
  • hangar including an input element and primary marking according to showroom-concept of the AUDI - Masterplanning and presentation of vehicles "circle", highlight area, customer area including working places for the sellers, shop area, cafeteria and public   area, delivery area for cars, service area with service for reception and consulting
  • gallery floor with additional offices and administration rooms of the executive board
  • work shop complex built in mixed construction including a two-storey car part storage as well as a tire storage, reception area for vehicles, work shop area, body, preparation, maintenance hall, washing hall, emissions inspections, engineering and   secondary rooms

Supporting structure

  • main beam: trussed space frame according to Masterplannig.
  • columns: rocking piers, simply supported.
  • bracing: pass brace in the roof structure, lateral concrete slabs.


  • profiled sheet made of aluminum, thermal insulation according to energy saving ordinance, perforated acoustical trapezoidal sheet metal ribbon windows according to Master planning leading to the roof edge.


  • 9.7 ° outward sloping post lintel construction, self-supporting.

Input module

  • glass cube according to Master planning with a side wall panel in illuminated cladding.

Sun screen

  • shading element according to Master planning.


The C&E Consulting and Engineering GmbH Chemnitz is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Other certifications and approvals


General planning and supervision of construction

AUDI - Zentrum Chemnitz AG

3.700 T€