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AUDI-Center Chemnitz


Includes two main areas:

  • exhibition hall including a two-storey installation for sale, administration, office- and social area
  • work shop hall including tire storage, Dialog reception, washing hall and two-story storage- and social area

Exhibition hall

  • exhibition hall according to AUDI-Master planning, module A is planned as a steel frame construction including spatial trussed girders
  • girders are made of bended T-bars, which are spatial trussed by usage of commercial tension bar elements and fasteners
  • the girders are constructed on sloped pipe columns on the entrance hall
  • the rear edge spatial supporting structure is constructed as a triangular girder
  • the columns, also used for horizontal stiffening are placed in a distance of 10 m
  • existing reinforced concrete walls of the front wall are also used for spatial building   stiffening
  • a trapezoidal sheet metal is constructed on the girders of the roof area
  • the roof stiffening will be made over braced beams
  • with module A a gallery is intended in the range of the triangular girder, which will be constructed as a steel composite floor and in connection with the diaphragm wall which is lying under it, it is also used for the longitudinal stiffening of the steel frame construction
  • extension made of steel partial framed including trapezoidal sheet metal roof and   coffered walls

Work shop building

  • mixed construction of masonry building, steel frame, steel lintel and steel columns and large-spanned steel binder
  • the trapezoidal sheet metal will be constructed on steel binder of the roof area
  • the roof stiffening will be made with braced beams
  • Foundation with the help of isolated foundation for steel columns and legs and strip foundation for masonry walls
  • external frontage as insulated coffered wall



The C&E Consulting and Engineering GmbH Chemnitz is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Other certifications and approvals


General planning and Supervision of Construction

AUDI - Zentrum Chemnitz AG

3.700 T€