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Reconstruction and extension new building middle school Oelsnitz


Conversion and reconstruction of the building stock as well as extension new building of middle school Oelsnitz/E "White House" with gymnasium

New building gymnasium with Social- and locker room area

Construction gymnasium:


  • reinforced concrete sleeve foundation with frost barriers
  • Supporting structure:
  • clamped in the foundation, external steel columns, roof girder made of curved steel profiles with tie rods

Outer walls:

  • horizontal aerated concrete elements embedded on frost barriers and anchored on steel columns


  • arch roof with a bearing shell made of trapezoidal sheet metal from girder to girder stretched with embedded thermal insulation 


  • reinforced concrete floor panel on capillary barrier with insulation against non-pressuring water, top cover PVC as base elastic sports soil

Extension two-storey new building with central staircase and new break hall as a connecting link between old- and new building.

  • The following rooms are located in the extension building: multipurpose room, general classrooms, special classrooms biology, physics, chemistry as well as an educational kitchen.


Construction extension new building:


  • reinforced concrete foundation
  • Supporting structure:
  • In essence conventional masonry construction with steel columns. Floor over basement as reinforced concrete floor. Roof partly as reinforced concrete panel floor, partly as purlin-girder-construction in shape of shed roofs

Outer walls:

  • sand lime brick, large size elements


  • partly flat roof,
  • partly shed roof as a purlin-girder-construction, girder stretched with embedded thermal insulation


  • reinforced concrete floor panel on capillary barrier with insulation against non-pressuring water, top cover depending on the requirements of the room with high wear-resistant, cleaning friendly epoxide resin coat and coloured chips sprinkle or rather as PVC coat

Reconstruction and conversion of the two-storey existing buildings with expansion of the attic storey.


The C&E Consulting and Engineering GmbH Chemnitz is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Other certifications and approvals


Building design for the reconstruction (plat construction)
and new building with sports facilities

Dywidag, NL Chemnitz

2.100 T€