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"Schulzentrum am Holländer (School centre)" Sanitation and extension of the primary and secondary school, Döbeln

Architecture/Construction planning

Sanitation of the existing school building and construction of an extension for the primary and secondary school in Döbeln. Replanning of the class rooms, specialist rooms, teacher`s area, administration area, canteen with cafeteria and school library as well as rooms for all-day programmes.

Urban integration
The surrounding development shows a characteristical built area. The area is made of a large-panel construction, which has a cubistic, simple made stile. C&E put emphasis on an integrated, but independent building, which corresponds to the former and present architecture. The connected block has been integrated in the urban area by its recessed facades and height differentiation and also presents its self as a new building.

Architectural and functional concept
The location of the building structure arouses interest in an expectant surrounding and at the same time sets an intended course with the distinctive colouring of the library in the upper level.
The barrier-free development of the both existing buildings is an important feature of the connecting block, which are marked by an elevation difference. These height compensations were adjusted by different ramps, without emerging or standing out of the cubage. Thus a result is a harmonious overall view, which is mainly to be seen from the west view.

Ground floor
The height of the top ground surface of the field site will be retained for the new entrance area and will be consequently used for the entire project by using ramps. Two separate entrance elements mark the ground floor and therefore split the connecting block into two foyers. The wardrobes (near the entrance) and the canteen / multipurpose room are central situated and therefore infrastructural well reachable for both schools. The multipurpose room could be used for extracurricular activities. The sub-rooms such as the kitchen, toilets etc. were constructed in the core. Attention was kept to construct the school kitchen close to the learning kitchen.

Upper floor
In the foreground of a friendly, communicative atmosphere for the pupils was created. This has been reached in the layout by the placement of a gallery on the upper floor. The junction foyer seems to be brighter and bigger. In the architectural view this area is to be handled with care. A special architectural element is the library, which slides beyond the facades and a covered entrance area has been realised. It presents the most important building element, a kind of a head, which could be transferred into learning. In this case the client wishes a use of both schools too. The rooms located on the eastside follows the principle of a cantilever development which are harmonically integrated into the entire building complex. The new, straight passageway creates with a view relationship the merging of both schools.

The presented solution meets all requirements of the local education authority concerning the room programme. Particular emphasis was placed on a balanced relationship between design and functionality with adequate costs.


The C&E Consulting and Engineering GmbH Chemnitz is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Other certifications and approvals


Overall planning and supervision

City council Döbeln, building department

7.500 T€