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Re-commissioning of Port Torgau

Re-commissioning of Port Torgau

C&E Consulting and Engineering GmbH in consortium with IPRO consult won the Europe-wide tender for planning and construction supervision services. As the leader of this consortium, we were able to make a significant contribution to bringing this complex project to a successful conclusion.

On 23rd May 2018, the port of Torgau was reopened by the Saxon Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer in the presence of the district administrator of the district of Nordsachsen, Mr. Kai Emanuel, the mayor of Torgau, Mrs.Romina Barth, the management of the Saxon inland ports Oberelbe GmbH and other guests.

The port of Torgau represents a sustainable economic factor for the region of the district of Nordsachsen including the metropolitan area of Leipzig and for the neighbouring federal state of Brandenburg. Here, the transports can be optimally used via the waterway, rail and road modes. In Port Torgau, primarily agricultural and forestry products, raw materials, metals and containers are handled.

In a three-year construction period, the quay wall, the tracks, the crane runway with 2 cranes, the traffic areas, the drainage and the technical equipment were sustainably expanded. The investment volume of approximately € 18.6 million was largely provided by the Free State of Saxony and the European Union from the Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

C & E Consulting und Engineering GmbH, in consortium with IPROconsult from Dresden, responsible for the Track Construction and Crane Track components, played a key role in the project from design to construction and led it to a successful conclusion.


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