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Redesign and Reconstruction of the historic Pumping Station Chemnitz


The reconstruction of the historic pumping station, to create an event centre with gastronomy, was connected with unusual requirements for building service. The main task was to install all necessary technology in coordination with strong changing utilisation of the building, without losing the efficiency.

Foundation for the heating are a modern gas-boiling-system in connection with a solar system. Supply of the heat takes place with a floor heating and local heating spots, that are fitted for the usage of the areas. Selection and color of the heating surfaces took place in accordance to the character of the building.

Because of the varying usages of the puping station, focus of the ventilation was efficient operation. The perfomance of ventilation is depencent on the CO2-level in the air, the grade of heat recovery is up to 80% and a frequenzy converter is also installed. All necessary requirements for the historic hall roof were met.

The Building service in the kitchen includes the complete sanitary engineering (also fat seperators, floor heating and appropriate ventilation). Exhaust air in the area of stoves is gathered by an induction suction hood.

Last but not least, the fire protection had special requirements. In particular anything thats connected to the wooden roof had to be stested strictly.


- supply of cold and warm water in the complete building
- solar systems for treatment of water
- complete sanitary equipment, including fat seperator

- modern gas-boiler for heating of the building
- heating of the building with floor heating in hall and kitchen
- special designed heating sufaces for the historic building

- ventilation in the hall with a capacity of 6000m³/h,
- performance control through permanent CO2-messuring, heat recovery with an efficiency of 80%,
- Use of circulation dryers to guarantee a stable humidity in the cellar area



The C&E Consulting and Engineering GmbH Chemnitz is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Other certifications and approvals


Design incl. Open Air Areas
Service Phase 4 to 9 with § 15 HOAI,
Structural Engineering
Service Phase 4 and 5 with § 64 HOAI,
Building Service
Service Phase 4 to 9 with § 73 HOAI

former Stadtwerke Chemnitz,
now: eins energie in sachsen GmbH & Co. KG
Augustusburger Straße 1
09111 Chemnitz

Costs: ca. 3,150,000 €