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Conversion and rehabilitation of the listed "Rittergut Rabenstein" into high-quality freehold flats and single houses, Chemnitz

Structural Engineering

The loft of "Rittergut Rabenstein" was built in 1834 and is listed as a historic buidling. Before the revitalization, the loft was in an collapse-endangered condition and could not be entered. The roof of the loft threatened to collapse.

The foundation of the building was a big challenge for the engineers of C&E. Underpinnings was not possible due to the poor quality of the masonry and soaked soil layers. Just as well expensive special civil engineering solutions were dropped. The solution was a settlement compensating and weight sharing floor panel, on which the stoned building was set on. The wagon vaults in the northern part of the building were maintained. Extensive settlement calculations were made for the settlement prediction considering the different and slopping ground layers.

The former outer walls remained as a building cover but without any supporting function for the building.

The inside walls take over the supporting function which rest on the new reinforced concrete floor panel.

The roof framework was planned and built with 2 floors and the second floor could be removed by the respective owner if needed. These were connected landing stage-like with the housing units. As sub-construction for the terrace plate a former stable building was used.

Every housing unit has a high terrace, which is connected through a landing stage-like footpath. A former stable was used as a terrace slab


The C&E Consulting and Engineering GmbH Chemnitz is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

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Structural engineering
Service phase. 3-6 based HOAI §64
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Service phase. 1-5 based HOAI §§78, 81
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