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The "Neue Sächsische Galerie" in "DAStietz - Kulturkaufhaus Chemnitz" Redesign and Reconstruction of the listed department store TIETZ


In October 2004, after 24 months of reconstruction, the modern and exeptional culture centre "DAStietz" was opened. Right in the middle of Chemnitz City, "DAStietz" unites art, education, culture and shopping in one object. Municipal Library, Adult Education Center, Natural History Museum and "Neue Sächsische" Art Gallery are now situated in best position and modern atmosphere.

With an innovative range of service "DAStietz" is the most frequented cultural establishment in the inner city of Chemnitz and contributes greatly to the quality of life for people and visitors in Chemnitz.
Target of all participated persons was the creation of a building, which presents itself modern, transparent and communicative.

Defining for the interior space and the overall concept of the building is the large, central and glass-covered atrium with the "sculpture" of the petrified forest.The central information point is also located in the atrium, right in the intersection of the entries. The opposite side is used for a cafe with armchair-lounge. The remaining area is used for commercial purposes. A small shopping mall invites to stroll.

The "neue Sächsische Galerie" presents mainly contemporary and local art. Temporary Exhibitions, Workshops, Collections and many Events in cooperation with partners characterize the business.The gallery establishes increasingly as venue for expermiental artforms. The own collection includes about 12,000 exhibits (all made after 1945), paintings, graphic, sculptures ... also collected works of industrial design, like radios, cameras, pieces of furniture, especially a wide collection of chairs made in saxony.

The big exhibiton hall has an area of about 700 m² and is oriented thematically on the contemporary art of saxony. Thematic exhibitions, competitions and temporary exhibitions inspire artists to work project related. Concerts, performances, talks, discussions and pedagogical offers complete the program.


The C&E Consulting and Engineering GmbH Chemnitz is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

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General Planning and Supervision, Service Phase 1 to 9

Projektierungs- und Verwaltungs-gesellschaft TIETZ Chemnitz mbH

Costs: 27,700,000