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Rebuilding and renovation of the listed factory building "Alten Zwirnerei" in Gersdorf including an extension to a nursing home

"Alten Zwirnerei" in Gersdorf

These projects will change the use of the listed factory building "Alten Zwirnerei"of Gersdorf. This building was established in 1926 and was not used for decades, which was the reason for its deterioration. Through the reconstruction and the complete renovation of the existing industrial land, a new nursing home including construction of an extension is created in the center of the community Gersdorf The two storey factory building "Alten Zwirnerei" will completely maintain its conditions, it will be extended by a new four storey building. The listed clinker facade - main view to the Weststraße - will be renovated considering the licensing requirements and orders of listed buildings. The external appearance of the former "Alten Zwirnerei" is thereby preserved. The functionality of the conversersion to the nursing home is adapted to the character of the former factory building. Through extensive building, the barrier-free enhancement of the existing industrial building was made possible. The new expansions adjoin the existing floor levels. The resulting inner courtyard was made as a barrier-free main access of the nursing home, here new outdoor green- and park similar areas are created for the residents.


The C&E Consulting and Engineering GmbH Chemnitz is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

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