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Clinic Chemnitz - Hospital Küchwald Reconstruction Infection clinic


New construction of the electronical and communication technical plants under attention of specifics of a infection clinic.

Electrical engineering

Planning of the electric technical plants under attention of the available building substance with the following extent:

  • Low-voltage switchgear composed of 1 AV main conductor, 1 SV main conductor, 4 AV level conductor and 4 SV level conductor with complete building input of a transformer station
  • Low-voltage installation plant of the general electric power supply (AV) and the safety elcetric power supply (SV) with 43m cable and wires, with 2,5km cable laying system as well as all installation equipment in conventional Technology
  • 42 medical supply unity for all patient rooms with the appropriate lumination elements forthe indirect room illumination, reading luminaires and night luminaires
  • The hospital adapted illumination plant with 455 single luminaires and 47 safety luminaires
  • Complete lightning protection system with lightning conductor, earthing and potential equalizing
  • Patients public address system with 1 group receptions, 365 different modules wall electrics and disposer
  • BMA-installation with central fire alarm system,floor plan tableau, coupler and 260 automatic and 15 hand-alarms
  • TV-installation with a house connection amplifier, 46 TV-circuit points inclulding cabling to the termination box
  • FM-installation with a level contributor and 35 FM-circuit points including cabling to the termination box
  • EDP-network with contributor cabinet and 25 data circuit points as well as networking and structural cabling to the tremination box
  • One smoke and heat funnel plants complete
  • 6 complete escape door controls and 2 door speaker systems including wiring


The C&E Consulting and Engineering GmbH Chemnitz is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Other certifications and approvals


Service phases 1-9 of the Electro Technology as well as the communication engineering- and Information Technology

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