Services Themes

Pillow wards extension and restructure of the pillow wards at the hospital location Flemmingstraße in Chemnitz

Media support
Modernization and extension of media support of the clinical center, e. g. by

  • Replacement of 4 heating pipeline transmitters with a total power of 10 MW with current heating decrease
  • Construction of 1000m media location line
  • New building of two transformer stations with switch installations

Pillow wards extension
Construction of a new pillow ward with 63 double rooms and 9 rooms of the day clinic under consideration of high architectural requirements, e.g. by

  • Realization concrete core activation for building temper in the areas with high share of glass and low floor height,
  • Integration of local heating areas of the rooms with beds into the glass facade,
  • Heating of public areas with the help of soil convection heaters
  • Integration of the partial air conditioning system (14.000m³/h) into the creation of the rooms with beds and the sanitary core,
  • Realization ventilation engineering (10.000m³/h) for two open kitchens- and catering areas with requirements on the room-air flow also with part-load operation.

Realization of the building- and security technical requirements of a tower building,
e.g. by

  • Construction fire-sprinkler system for the central media channel
  • Construction safety draining for the fire brigade elevator with the help of lifting system
  • Safe support of all sanitary- and kitchen areas with cold- and hot water over two compression zones with central disinfection and central hot water production

Enabling an open design of the two story foyer with open stairs as well as integrated catering area in terms of fire protection compensation measures, e.g. by

  • Realization of a sprinkler system under attention of creation measures
  • Ventilation- and air condition system for lounge and restaurant areas with cold smoke exhaust function (24.000m³/h)
  • Realization of a central fire brigade control desk for supervision and control of all ventilation systems with smoke exhaust functions by the fire brigade

Pillow wards
Modernization of the entire media technical construction of the pillow ward with 160 double- and three bed - rooms under attention to the structural conditions of a inventory-panel construction, e.g. by

  • Operation of a heating- and cooling cover for keeping the IST-rooms with low room height at a moderate temperature

Securing a constant at least 80% use of the building though the parallel operation of old and new construction systems, e.g. by

  • Gradual renewal of the central cold- and hot water supply ( two compression zones, central disinfection, central hot water production)
  • Gradual transfer heating network from a one pipe - to a two pipe system
  • Gradual renewal climate technology (complete air condition system 3.700m³/h, room classification 1) as well as the rooms with beds and the separate rooms (4 partial air conditioning systems 10.000m³/h to 21.000m³/h)

Realization in terms of fire protecting solutions relating to the building for the strengthening of the construction, e.g. by

  • Operation of sprinkler protection for static constructions with insufficient fire resistant
  • Realization of a over pressure ventilation for the anterooms of the fire brigade elevator and the necessary stair case (18.000m³/h) as well as a combination of ventilation- and smoke exhaust installations for the corridors (17.000m³/h)
  • Construction of safety draining for the fire brigade elevator with lifting system



The C&E Consulting and Engineering GmbH Chemnitz is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015.

Other certifications and approvals


Building planning of service phase 1 to 8 in cooperation with RHSS Architekten Leipzig
Structural Engineering of service phase 1 to 8 including proofs for structural analysis

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