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Hospital Middle Ore Mountains Zschopau New building of a therapeutic radiology center

Hospital Middle Ore Mountains Zschopau

The planned new building will be constructed as a 4-storey extension for the arrangement of the radiotherapy. The central building element of the radiotherapy is the fallout shelter in the ground floor. The wall- and floor thickness is approx. 2m. Construction will take place as heavy concrete ( aggregate barite ) with a bulk density of 32 KN/m³. The shelter serves as a foundation building for the rising building. Because the foundation bed of the shelter lie clearly under the foundation level of the exterior wall the strip foundation of the existence building must be under spun on the total length. In the area of the building field large superstructure measures for the central support- and disposal lines were necessary. Because the shelter should constructed on an existing exterior wall, additional measures for degradation of the concrete pressure at the production of the concrete shelter walls were necessary without intervening in the existing building construction. The bearing building construction would be realized through the shelter in connection with reinforced concrete walls and flat ceilings with projection.On the projected floor panels, the entire building´s upper floors were taken down. The inside development is made on the basis of the claimed flexibility on the ground plans with dry construction. In the course of the project the following extra building measures in the area of the stock were necessary:

  • fitting of a gate port 4.80m x 2.30m in the reinforced concrete wall on the first floor
  • fitting of a ventilation port 3.00m X 3.00m in the reinforced concrete wall on the 3rd floor


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