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Volkswagen-Center Chemnitz


New building VW Center Chemnitz according to masterplanning

Complete implementation of the VW architecture and showroom concept and design of the new workshop complex with the latest repair equipment


  • New building of the showroom with 4 umbrella columns single-storey with gallery, market square with square edge principle facade, entrance and primary element of identification in accordance with showroom concept of VW's master planning as well as vehicle, exhibition, highlight area, customer area including working places for the salesmen, shop area, cafeteria and waiting area, new car delivery, service area with service and service counseling and dialogue reception
  • Gallery floor with additional office and administrative offices of the Board of Directors
  • Workshop complex with social services, dialogue reception spare parts warehouse (2-storeys), workshop area, body, treatment, care, indoor, washing hall, gas analysis, and engineering and adjoining rooms


The C&E Consulting and Engineering GmbH Chemnitz is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Other certifications and approvals


Construction planning, structural engineering, mechanical and electrical planning, supervision

Chemnitzer Autotechnik GmbH

3.700 T€