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Tax Offices of Leipzig - conversion and rehabilitation Tax Offices of Leipzig II - Part object Nordplatz 11


The building was built in 1921/22 as an administration building in the Neo-Renaissance style for the Central German lignite syndicate and is fully listed. To maintain the building in its historical appearance of the Nordplatz (north course) it was rehabilitated carefully as a listed building. For example it was possible to restore the gate made of porphyry, the rustic, the fire garment and other decorative elements of the facade faithfully. The existing floor types of the just constructed administration building which is now used as a tax office, was kept essentially. There are still two leaded windows in the main staircase which were restored and were built at their old location. The corridors were upgraded in their fire protection system by installing wood-glass elements as smoke and fire foreclosures. These constructions are the reason why the spatial effect of the generously staircase is still present. A representative hall is integrated in the third storey of the building, which is kept because of its historical design and has been extensively carefully restored.


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SIB Niederlassung Leipzig I
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